The actor’s journey begins with self-exploration, and grows into a deep curiosity about our fellow humans.  We develop our imagination and walk in others’ shoes. If we are doing the work on a daily basis, we gain perspective and empathy - which are vital to the creation of rich, indelible characters.  


My approach begins with removing blocks and opening avenues to connection - connection to the story, to the character, to fellow performers. Ultimately that connection expands to include audience and even all of humanity.


We begin by learning to release self-judgment. We work toward a sense of freedom and confidence.  The goal is authenticity.  Developing strong technique is fundamental (verbal, vocal, physical, text work, etc). Attention to both technique and inner life are crucial. 


Whether on-camera or onstage, this kind of dedication to craft inevitably results in unforgettable performances.

-Gigi Bermingham


NO LIMITS: Mastering Our Acting Challenges

Starting August 4, 2020 on Zoom

Tuesdays, 6:30PM - 10:30PM

Do you have patterns or blocks that are getting in the way of full emotional and physical expression? Are you ready to break through your acting barriers?

At times performers may be aware of what is getting in the way of acting fully, freely, with relaxation and confidence. Or they may not know what the block is. Together we will uncover your challenges, work through them, and strengthen your best assets.

Let go, break through limits, gain confidence and achieve mastery!

Tailored to actors' individual needs, class includes one optional 30-minute private coaching per month.

Through the use of exercises, monologues, and scenes, class will focus on:

  • Relaxation / Body Work

  • Uta Hagen's Six Steps 

  • Introduction to Sense Memory Work

  • Working with Substitutions

  • Vocal Articulation

  • Memorization Techniques

  • Script Analysis

We’ll also have weekly discussions about the business side of acting:  What exactly is my job as an actor?  What must I do to get employment?

Class Size: 9 maximum (while online)

Commitment: 4 months (class will be ongoing)

Payment: $200/monthly or $175/month for advanced payment


NO GUTS, NO GLORY: Emotional Connection

Starting August 5, 2020 on Zoom

Wednesdays, 5:15PM - 9:15PM

For Advanced Students

Who are the actors you admire?  What makes them so real, so believable?  Let's dive deep and
take process to another level. 


Class includes one optional 30-minute private coaching per month, and will concentrate on
two areas of development:

Sense Memory Technique 
With inspiration from Hagen and Stanislavsky, we’ll use exercises to access emotion with the
goal of being able to call upon select emotions on cue.  We will also address the use of
substitutions.  Actors will be expected to practice exercises at home.

Scene Study / Monologues
Actors will work with material which has been assigned or self-chosen from plays and
screenplays.  We will refer to Uta Hagen's Six Steps (Who am I?  What are the circumstances? 
What are my relationships?  What do  I want?  What is my obstacle?  What do I do to get what I
want?) and focus on making choices through detailed script analysis, while achieving
authenticity beginning with relaxation techniques.

Class Size: 9 maximum (while online)

Commitment: 4 months (class will be ongoing)

Payment: $200/monthly or $175/month for advanced payment


September 15, 2020 - November 17, 2020 on Zoom

Tuesdays, 9:00AM - 11:00AM

Did you know you're the CEO of a business?  You are. 


Gigi and Paul are both working actors who have years of experience leading success teams. This career goals group provides participants with guidance to assist in navigating the entertainment industry and to develop individual career paths.  


In addition to developing your craft you must also formulate business skills in order to successfully market your product: YOU.  In Measure of Success groups, team members set career goals, create achievable task lists, share industry resources, and offer encouragement, brainstorming, and accountability. Personal experiences and industry information are shared in a safe and confidential environment.   


Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting out, Measure of Success teams provide a supportive environment to help you figure out what you want to achieve and to set up a practical approach to getting there. 

Class Size:  10 maximum

Commitment: 12 weeks, August 4 - October 20, 2020

Payment: $100/monthly ($25/week) or $250 for advanced payment

The Measure of Success: Business Goals

Moderated by Gigi Bermingham and Paul Culos


Private Coaching

Have an upcoming audition to prepare or want a private class? Book a one-on-one coaching session with Gigi. Coaching for TV, film, stage, college admissions and more

Payment: $80/hour

  $50/half hour


What Students Say

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Gigi is so intuitive and attentive, ensuring that each person gets the individualized attention they need to really progress. She creates a safe space for intensive vulnerability while also providing insightful and honest critiques, challenging you to grow further than you thought possible.  I can feel how much I’ve grown already working with Gigi and I so trust her to help me expand my horizons as a person and an actor.

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Gigi is excellent at mixing hands-on with hands-off teaching - she leads students to discovery if the material isn't coming readily, and she utilizes exercises and techniques that empower students to discover the nuance of characters with confidence.  Her teaching has certainly made me more comfortable making bold choices with material right off the bat.

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